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Thanks <3


But on a real note, seller was wicked fast with shipment and the packaging was comfy, so my item got here safe! (White Collar doujin, oh god. /drools)

Sent quickly and safely and packaged WONDERFULLY (if only everyone had the packaging sense like this seller does!). Highly satisfied with my purchase and look forward to doing business again in the future! Thank you!

Another Positive!--A+++++

My shipment was packaged very well and processed in an extremely timely manner. I'd say that I had received my doujinshi quickly, too, considering that this was literally being shipped from the opposite side of the U.S.

Arrived in great condition and was packaged well. Thank you very much!

I got my package today! All I can say is that I'm really thankful that you were able to doujinshi pick-ups! I love all the items I got! Seller is super friendly, communication was great, everything was really packed well and came in great condition, and shipping was super fast! the package came in only 2 days! Thank you once again! And hopefully you'll do another convention pick-up in the future! ♥ ♥ ♥

A+++++++ POSITIVE <3

I've always had a super pleasant experience with you; I can never thank you enough ♥ You always ship promptly and everything is always packaged well, and your prices are super fair.

Thank you sooo much!

Also, this is my second time ordering with this seller and I certainly hope to do more business in the future~. :)

I received doujinshi! Thank you so much! I Love it so much~!!;v;
(Ty for code geass extra ♥)

Seller is wonderful~♥
I received item super fast an in excellent condition! Doujinshi was packaged very nice~

Would love to do business with again.^v^

Yesterday evening, I received the two books I ordered from the CWT25 pick-up service! It was a super pleasant experience overall. The books took 3 days to get to me, loved the quick shipping! Everything was well packed and came in amazing condition. Thank you. Would love to do business with again should the moment ever arise! ;)

Oh, and the seller was extremely wonderful throughout the entire process♥

Thank you so much again♥♥♥

Fantastic. Friendly, extremely helpful, great communication. Will surely use her services again. I love my stuff. Thanks!

I recieved my doujinshi in excellent condition.
Thank you so much!

I received my doujinshi's, bags, waver and other little things an hour ago and I'm extremely happy with it. It was packed very very good. I'd definitely use her service again if she'd do something like this again.

the seller was very prompt with both communication and shipping. she's incredibly friendly and helpful. i was in complete awe that she actually had my books available, but best of all, the prices she charged me were extremely reasonable ($9 for a doujinshi is way better than i what would've ever expected for a pretty rare book). she even included a little freebie in my package. :D

overall, just a lovely, lovely transaction. i would love to order from her again in the future. tk0220, i sincerely hope you'll be able to provide this service in the future! ♥

More than positive feedback : >

Late feedback, my fault ^^''

The seller worked as a SS for CWT25. Shipping was quick, articles were well packed, prices were great and the overall experience was very pleasant ~~

I was beyond happy to find her and would love love love to do business with again. Thank you so much, best of wishes o/

Items Bought:: Doujinshi service & goods
Rating:: 5/5
Comments:: Excellent!! Perfect communication, organized, items well packaged and arrive timely. Really friendly and patient as well. Recommended, a pleasure to do business with!! Thank you so much, A++!!

Thank you SO much for the lovely books! I was so happy when I got them!

Awesome seller (so helpful and nice!)! Awesome communication! Great service! Would buy from again ♥

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